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The new new new… new.

Beverages consumed in this episode : Delirium Red (8%), Four Pure Citrus Dipa (8.3%), Nespresso Cape Town Envivo Lungo Latte.

We probably owe you guys an explanation. It’s yet another relaunch of the podcast. Yes it’s much closer to the original concept. We think of it as everything that the original format should have been. We’ve 86’d the beer concept. Yes we’re still going to talk about beer – amongst many other things – but we won’t be solely focusing on beer.

So it’s because no one listened to the beer concept hunh? Strangely enough, it was every bit as popular as the last concept but it’s not the episode that we set out to make. When we had Todd and Johnny on we talked about why we made the podcast and that’s when we realised that the original premise that we set out with “3 mates in a bar having a chat” – we got too far away from this. Too much planning, too much research, too much to me to you to me to you. So the Podcast is now an hour of us a week sitting down with a beer and putting the world to rights.

We’d love to hear your opinion on it.

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