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TBR and the Toddcast

Beers drank on this episode : Bird Dog Whiskey (43%), Busch NA (0.0%), Tynt Meadow (7.4%), Kirkstall brewery Gelato Tropicale ice cream sour (5.5%), Erdinger (5.3%) Blue Moon (5.4%), Kwak (8.4%)

We were joined by Todd and Johnny of “Todd Ornorf on the Toddcast”. We had no plan for this episode, other than let’s get Todd and Johnny on and see what they want to talk about. Turned out it was a pretty good plan. Todd lives in Pennsylvania and Johnny live in Virginia so we were up to the wee small hours recording this one but it was so worth it. We haven’t laughed like this in a long time.

There was plenty of wrestling talk and a little bit of beer and food. Speaking of which, they are plans to record a second episode with these guys – they’re going to send over some Reload rub and try it out on the podcast. We’re definitely up for this!

The undisputed highlight of this podcast was Johnny’s faux par. Just like we do, Todd and Johnny set up a skype call to record their podcast but that’s where the similarity ends. They don’t use the video – just the audio – whereas we do. Something that Johnny forgot when he decided to share a picture of himself in a “compromising” position on screen. This gave us a laugh – check it out on YouTube.

If you want to check out their podcast, click on the link below!

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