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Dave-il’s advocate

Beers drunk in this episode : Against the Grain Attila the Hen (12.7%), Double Trouble Double hops (4.2%), Guinness (4.2%) Soltaire Blond (4%), Double Maxim Premium Brown ale (4.7%)

If you’re reading this then it’s in part thanks to this week’s guest. Dave Cartlidge is an old school friend of Gaz and Beans. Dave’s area of expertise (one of many!!) is the interweb. Dave set up this website for us and gave us just enough knowledge to keep on top of it. He drew the idea for this episode from a Darkus Howe TV show called “Devil’s advocate”. He came on and asked us a bunch of questions to find out what we knew and what our opinions are. Surely we knew the questions in advance? No, we didn’t. We let Dave ask us anything.

..and what he asked us turned out to be really valuable. One of the things that was bothering us since we turned Tall Boy Radio into a beer podcast a couple of weeks ago is that there is a negative side to alcohol. It’s addictive and can damage your health. We needed to find a way to convey this without bringing a downer to this episode. We thought about adding a drink responsibly message at the end of each episode but it seemed like an empty gesture.

So Thank you Dave – you solved a problem for us and in the end we dedicated an entire episode to a very serious subject. Something we probably wouldn’t have done without your input.

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