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Double Trouble Beer Club

Beers drunk in this episode : Leffe Blond 6.6%, Brewdog Duopolis 4.7%, Beartown S’mores 5%, Vocation Life and Death IPA 6.5%, Cobra 4.8%, Beavertown Gamma Ray 5.4%

This week we were joined by friend of the show, David Borthwick from Double Trouble drinks to talk about their latest venture – Beer Club. Every 2 months they release a new beer that has been limited to 501 bottles (Got to have a darts reference). We tried their first offering Ally Pale Ale on the show a couple of months ago and had hoped to try their Double Hops Golden Ale on this episode but Parcelforce had other ideas!! It has subsequently turned up and it’s a real beaut. We’ll be trying it on the podcast very very soon, don’t you worry. In this episode, though, Dave turns the table on us – or to quite Dante Hicks “he turns that judgemental pendulum back on us” to test our credentials as beer podcasters – he asked a couple of great questions. Have a listen and feel free to share your answers with us by commenting on this blogpost. We’d love to hear them.

Check out what Double Trouble have to offer here :

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