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Good old beer

Beers drank in this episode : Tsingtao lager 4.7%, Mobberley Brewhouse Your call is important to us DDH DIPA 7.5% and Magic Rock Cannonball IPA 7.4%

If a beer has stood the test of time then it’s a fair assumption that it must be a good beer. Beer has been around longer than Christianity and any other modern day religion. We look at some of the oldest that are still in existence today. Gaz’s favourite beers have been around – in one form or another – for over 500 years. Beans’ favourite beer has been around for 10 years and Andy’s favourite, slightly longer but only slightly.

There’s more scandal from BrewDog, a little bit on sustainability as we try to keep it at the forefront of our minds. Andy shares a “funny” story about a chap in the good ol’ US of A who got trapped under an ATV and survived on beer.

In the ABC of beer – Gaz shares the rich history of Czech beers and brewing. Andy gives us the definition of a saison ale and Beans take a look at what a DDH DIPA actually is after it became obvious, last week, that we didn’t know.

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