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Beers drunk in this episode : Toast Ale’s session IPA 4.5%, Leffe blond 6.6%, Leffe Zero 0.0%

Our age range is mid-30s to mid-40s… Greta Thunberg would tell you it’s all our fault… and you know what she’s probably right. Thankfully there are good folks out there that recognise that there are things that can be changed in the Brewing industry to help save the planet. It takes 3-6 barrels of water to make 1 barrel of beer – that’s an interesting fact… there are people out there that look at that fact and think how can they reduce that figure and save some of the word’s resources. We look at what they are doing to save our planet. We also honestly take a look at why we don’t think about this often enough. How dare we? HOW DARE WE?

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