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Beer that cost Big Bucks

Beers consumed in this episode : Leffe Blond 6.6%, Hoegaarden 4.9%, Wiper and True Milkshake 5.6%

This is the second episode in the new format that focuses on beer and brewing. Each week we start off with beer news, the ABC of beer (looking at All-market, Belgian and Craft beers) before we launch into this week’s topic – which is expensive beers.

We take a look at a couple of protests. Gaz talks about people from the LGBTQ+ community protesting against Anheuser-Busch by tipping their beers away. The flip side of the coin is breweries withdrawing their adverts from new news channel GB news. GB News is a channel that has vowed to do away with cancel culture – “Woke” brewers have pulled their adverts from their channel.

There’s news of a Belgian brewery that is in dispute with a neighbouring quarry as it fights to protect it’s water source and keep it pure. We also take a look at what defines an Abbey (Abbaye) ale.

We look at a few interesting takes on Record Store Day. Meantime are producing a beer 33:45 to accompany this year’s day and in July we see Indie beer store day that sees a number of brewers do collaboration beers that will be sold only through small stores and small online stores.

We take a look at what defines a craft brewer in the UK and in the US of A. There’s a look at the origins of Brewdog as a craft brewer and how close it’s stayed to their beginnings before finally giving an answer as to why they reduced the ABV percentage of Elvis Juice and ponder what could be in store for it in the future.

The main topic of conversation is expensive ales. We look at the 10 most expensive beers on the planet… including Beer brewed on top of Ben Nevis, beer bottled inside a taxidermy squirrel and some insanely strong beer… which takes us on a left turn or two, talking about different strong beers that we have enjoyed. Back on track we share stories of being charged big bucks for average ales and what we would be happy to pay for a really good beer. Andy’s answer gives Gaz a shock!

Go grab yourself a pricey brew, kick back and enjoy. We’d love to hear your expensive beer stories. Drop them in the comments below!!

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