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Episode LXXIII : A New Era

We told you we were going to do it and we did. We totally revamped the Podcast. We’d love to hear your opinion on the new format. The best review wins a guest spot on the show. Seriously… and the best review isn’t the one that says we’re great, it’s the one that tells us what we could do better!

Yes, if you need to ask the title is a Star Wars reference. The Mos Eiseley Cantina gets a mention quite heavily and it references that. We discussed the best bars from the silver screen and which ones would make the best bar franchise. We love Cheers! but guess what it’s already been done and sadly the one in Boston, Mass is closing down for good (Thanks, Covid19 you douchebag!) Did you know the exterior used for the Slaughtered Lamb pub in American Werewolf in London isn’t even a pub… or in Yorkshire. The Winchester pub from Shaun of the Dead is now a block of flats. You have a lot to learn… get downloading this episode!!

We added a couple of extra features. The news section discusses Beer and Brewing news and we couldn’t do this section without talking about the “toxic work practices” that are allegedly going on at BrewDog. James Watt has taken ownership of what’s going on but is that enough? …and don’t get us started on Elvis Juice. Ruined. There’s news of a new beer from Beavertown, and could Declan Rice be getting his hands on a very exclusive beer?

In the ABC of news, Gaz takes a look at a new phenomenon – not just non-alcoholic beers but non-alcoholic bars. Is this a new trend that you could be interested in? If not, why not? It’s a growing market and it’s not just for the dedicated driver. There’s news from Andy about an addition to the Grimbergen brewery in Belgium – the first time they’ve done this in 200 years!! Beans takes a look at the micro-brewery that makes one of his favourite beer Titanic’s Plum Porter… and there’s all the usual left turns.

We hope you enjoy the new style of episode as there’s a lot more work that goes into it. Give us feedback, we’d love to hear it. Good or bad!!

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