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Ch Ch Changes…

We’re looking at making a few changes to the Podcast. The one that drops this weekend (which is about good endings and bad endings to films etc.) will be the last in the current format. Don’t get too upset, it ain’t going to be too drastic.

Why change?

We’ve asked for feedback from our listeners a number of times and you guys are great at telling us that you like what we do. So we took it to Facebook and asked 3 groups – 1 international, 1 American and 1 British Podcast group. 2 pieces of feedback kept cropping up.

(1) If you’re ordering pizza, where do you order it from – The Italian place, or the place that does pizza, curry, Tacos etc. You go to the Italian place. So if you want to listen to a paranormal Podcast – do you come to us or Paranormal Life with V? We don’t have a common theme. We’re relying on people thinking what is Beans, Gaz and Andy’s take on … We needed a common theme to give people a reason to come back each week and know what it is that they get from us. Which leads us on to the second consistent piece of feedback….

(2) So you guys are call Tall Boy Radio, you have 3 beers as a logo and you don’t talk about beers?? – isn’t that kind of a mixed message?? Yes. Yes it is, as it turns out. We look like a beer podcast and we like beer yet we keep doing episodes where beer isn’t at the centre of what we do. The common theme to our unpopular episodes has been the ones where we list all of our favourite things about a subject but some episodes like Parapsychology, Dreams and Cheshire 4 Life have been really popular which leads us to think does it all have to be about beer, if the topic is interesting enough or niche enough.

Enough already, what are the changes?

We’re changing the format. Each episode will follow a format – still conversational but flowing through a familiar format each week so people know what they’re tuning in for each week. We’re going to start each episode the same, by saying hello and talking a little bit about what we’re drinking. To make it more current we’re adding a short segment on beer news. It’s short so that people can listen in years to come and the whole episode won’t be out of date just a couple of minutes of it. We all like beer. We all drink beer on every episode and that’s where we get the ABC of beer from. All-market beers. Belgian beers. Craft beers. We’ll showcase beers, articles and facts about a different beer each week. It continues that beer theme and then in to the main part of the episode…. something different. Each week we’ll pick a different topic. It won’t always have a beer theme but we’ll link beer and alcohol into it in some way. We’ll still have guests, but they will join us just for that part… and we’ll still do episodes with just the 3 of us… just with more research and less “Top of my list is…”

The basic format of the new and improved Tall Boy Radio podcast

So any more changes?

Yeah, a couple. We want to improve everything. The episode will continue to drop on a Thursday morning (well Wednesday night most of the time. Shhhhh.) on YouTube. But to allow time to improve the audio and edit out all the ummms and arrrrs etcetera. We’ll drop the audio version on a Monday morning. People listen to podcasts more in the week than they do on the weekend so we’ll slot a new episode into that weekly commute and weekly planner. It’ll be edited and more polished. If you don’t like the polished podcast, you still have the raw unedited video to enjoy. Hardly anyone watches us on YouTube. We’re more popular on audio – but a lot of family and friends watch the YouTube version and we want to continue to have that available for them. We may add further videos at a later date but let’s walk before we can run.

We’ve already stripped back what’s available in our online store. The offer was wide, varied and confusing. We wanted it to be clear – WE ARE A BEER REVIEW podcast. TBR : Tall Boy Radio. The Beer Review.

We’re altering our social media output too.

Instagram and Facebook : Posts about a new episode and the YouTube episode being available will be the only 2 posts each week unless we have something else news worthy that we want to share with you.

Twitter : New episode and YouTube alerts, news stories but more importantly we want to continue our conversations around the topic on that platorm or… on : The weekly blogposts will accompany each episode but with more detail and web links relating to the news, the ABC of beer and, of course, the topic.

Why all the changes again?

Yes we’ve had spells in the Polish, New Zealand and British Apple podcast charts and we’re chuffed with where we’ve placed. The curve isn’t flattening but we want to spike it (upwards, preferably). We want to take this podcast as far as we possibly can. We want to take this on to be BIG. Yes, we’re in the top 50% of podcasts, we’re in so many more countries than we ever imagined but we want to be BIGGER. Ian Hindle always said “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. We’ve stayed in the top 50% of podcasts, but we’re not knocking on the door of the top 10%… yet. If this doesn’t work, will we alter again? More than likely but this isn’t a flash in the pan, finger in the air idea. This is what market research tells us we should be doing. We need to use this format for a while so that people get used to what we offer. We love doing the podcast. From the least popular episode to our big bangers – it’s just fun so we’ll do it whether we’re Joe Rogan big or where we are now.

Thank you for listening and we hope you continue to listen…

Let us know what you think of the proposed changes.

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