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TBR : The Book Review

After Gaz had a disagreement with is daughter about how JK Rowling is a just a poorman’s knock off of JRR Tolkien, he decided he wanted to take to the airwaves and further rub salt into the wounds after his glorious victory over his offspring in this debate. Did he win – or he did he just plain refuse to acknowledge her argument – it doesn’t matter. This was Gaz’s idea and we were happy to roll with it.

We share some of our favourite works of fiction that have been printed over the years. From George Orwell to Dylan Thomas and Jeffrey Deaver to William Shakespeare we talk about our favourite stories and the books that we couldn’t put down. We also take a look at how the characters that you fall in love with as you turn each page aren’t always done justice when you see them brought to life on the silver screen.

We share some of the best autobiographies that we’ve read – from Nelson Mandella to Johnny Marr and Bruce Campbell to Jeremy Beadle. Seriously?? Yes, seriously – and don’t forget Bruce Campbell. Go grab yourself a cold one, kick back and enjoy!

As always, we’d love to hear some of your favourite reads – please feel free to share them below!

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