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Unsolved Crime

It’s another serious topic this week. The world of unsolved crime. Beans, Gaz and Andy each pick a cold case and share what it is that captured the interest of the general public, if not the perp. We take a look at the case and ask why has this one not been solved.

Andy’s up first and he picks the curious case of the zodiac killer. With an ever-changing MO and an unsolvable code sent to the Police and a yet-to-be-determined body count – this is a very unusual case. Andy talks about what is known and takes a look at the 3 main suspects in the case.

Gaz takes a look at the most famous – or infamous – missing person’s case in modern history, that of Madeleine McCann. Everybody on the planet know that this little girl went missing in Portugal, snatched from her hotel room whilst her parents were out enjoying tapas with friends. What no one know is who is responsible. Will this case ever be solved? What is it about this case that makes it front page news so many years later?

Beans takes a look at the only unsolved case of air piracy in aviation history. The curious case of DB Cooper. He hijacked a plane, allowed all the passengers to leave before parachuting out the back with $200,000 into the dark Oregon night and was never heard from again. Did he survive the jump? What happened to the missing loot? Could one man’s deathbed confession hold the key?

We’re looking at making a few changes to the Tall Boy Radio podcast. We want to make beer a far bigger part of each episode. Taking a look at beer news, the ABC of beer and having the topic we discuss each week related to beer. Loosely, of course. Let us know your thoughts on this…

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