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The dark side of wrestling

Behind the glitz and the glamour, there’s many sad tales to be told. The stories of wrestlers passing away before they reach 40 are plentiful. In fact it almost feels like the ones that make it beyond that birthday are the rare ones. As is the TBR way, we don’t sensationalise their deaths but instead take an honest look at what may have caused it. Why have so many died of drug overdoses and intentional suicides? Then there’s the stories that surround mental health. We look at the enormous amount of pressure that they are put under and the pressure to stay at the top.

As always we’d love to hear from you guys out there. We want to know what direction you want to see us take Tall Boy Radio in?

What do you want to hear more of?

What do you want to hear less of?

Get in touch and tell us what you think. All comments welcomed. Thank you.

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