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The golden age of WWF wrestling

Back in the day, we used to love WWF wrestling. You read that write WWF. Before it was WWE it was WWF and it was awesome. Yes, okay, we were kids and we knew no better but the characters were larger than life, literally. It was crazy but it was fun.

Way back before Hulk Hogan was making sex tapes, he was the undisputed star of the ring. The Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Jake “The snake” Roberts, Ravishing Rick Rude (unbelievably that was his real name) were all legends. Yes it was fake – in that all the results and actions were planned but these guys were actually putting their bodies through it.

From Nailz’ feud with the Big Bossman to the love triangles around Sensational Sherri and Miss Elizabeth to the time that the 6’10” Undertaker came face to face… well chest, anyway with the 7’7″ Giant Gonzalez. We recall the glitz, the glamour and the Americana of it all. Maybe it’s still as good or maybe it isn’t. Maybe we outgrew it, or maybe it moved on and we didn’t follow. As always we’d like to hear your thoughts.

Definitely let us know how you get on in the quizzes in this episode. Reading this blog will have given you a couple of the answers. Go grab yourself a cold one, kick back and enjoy….. Brotthhhhaaaa!

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