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Tall Boy’s Den

We recorded this episode back in November 2020. Scott and David of Double Trouble Drinks got in touch with us about their forthcoming appearance on BBC1’s Dragon’s Den. They were pitching for a £20,000 investment for 5% of their business… from Peter Jones et al not from us!

They wanted a realistic dry run of their pitch for the primetime show. Enter Theo PathitGAZ, Duncan bANDYtyne and Toucar SillyBeans to put them through their paces. I’m not sure that they were ready for the grilling they got from Theo PathitGAZ. That said, it didn’t comapare to the grilling they got in the Den.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get an investment and the show only showed a brief snippet of their pitch – but not to worry, you can see the full pitch (well, dry run anyway) on YouTube and listen to it on the Tall Boy Radio podcast.

*A lot of the info on here is about soon to be released products which are now available as it was recorded 5 months previous.

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