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Dreams Part 2 : Dream Journals

First of all we need to give a massive shout-out to Gaz’s daughter, Amy for holding us to account on this one. She basically said “you keep promising to do a load of follow-up episodes. Isn’t it about time you actually did one?” So here it is – our first follow-up episode that we promised.

Way back in episode 46, we talked about dreams and had a look at the meaning of some of the dreams that we remembered, In that episode we promised to keep Dream journals. Well we did it… apart from Kenn… and for the most part, Andy. In this episode we delve deep into our dream journals, pull out the best of the best and analyse the meanings.

Find out who dreams of clearing out the basement of a hotel, who dreams of having their business ideas judged my ghostly children, who dreams of alphabetic segregation in hotels and who’s dreams are basically the plot of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Hop on board, there’s all the usual beer talk and then mix in some chat around dog dirt, defecating cats and talking rabbits. Enjoy!

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