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’80s music

There’s 80s music and there’s good music made in the 1980s. Stereotypical 80s music is God awful, cheese-on-a-stick, find-me-on-the-soundtrack-of-Top-Gun, made for profit, no artistic merit sh*t. Then there’s the good stuff that was made in the 1980s and that’s the stuff we talk about.

Andy was genuinely surprised that Beans didn’t make this an episode purely about The Smiths and Morrissey. Yes, The Smiths are the greatest band that’s ever existed. Yes, Morrissey is the one true Poet Laureate – but there is other great music that was released in that decade.

We’ll share some of the great music of the 1980s on our social media feed – some Indie, some Rap, some Rock – in the menatime though, go grab yourself a beer, kick back and check this episode out.

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