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’80s TV – The Golden era

In this episode, Beans, Gaz and Andy share their love for TV shows of the 1980s and put forward the case that this was the best decade for the idiot box. This is actually the 1st of a series of 3 podcasts that should* run back to back about the 1980s – the decade that we grew up in (well half of it in Andy’s case, he was born in the mid-80s). The next episode will be movies of the 1980s and then finished off with 80s music.

We’d love to hear your favourite shows of the decade too – the more obscure, the better.

Some are more obvious. Some is a little less obvious. Do you remember Uni the Unicorn, Pandora Braithwaite and Zammo? If the answer is YES, this episode is for you.

*We recorded a special episode way back in November that we’re waiting for the right time to release. So this episode may be dropped in between these episodes – that said it now looks likely that we’ll be dropping this episode in April or May.

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