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Funny business

In this episode we’re joined by Dave Appleton. Store manager by day. Comedian by night. Beans recalls the first time he came across Dave. It was a meeting for store managers in the Warrington/Knutsford area and Dave and fellow manager Mike were acting out a role-played scenario (he thinks it was about health and safety) and it was hilarious. He wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Dave later got into Stand-up comedy.

Dave talks us through how he got into comedy and some of his experiences doing comedy. He also gives us some solid advice around our “plans” to take Tall Boy Radio up to the Edinburgh fringe festival… so now we have a plan that is shall we say a little bit more realistic.

Here at TBR, we love a left turn so there’s a little bit of Rugby talk too for fans of the Wire. Dave is not only a Warrington Wolves fan, he also sits on the fans forum and has regular interactions with the board.

This is the only episode where we’ve had anecdotes about real celebrities… not one but two. Dave’s story about Johnny Vegas comes at a time before he was doing stand-up but it’s a great anecdote and it’s also a warning for all wannabe stand-ups.

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