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The biggest show on earth

Whether you call it American football or just Football, the NFL’s finale – the Superbowl – is undoubtedly the biggest show on earth. Here at Tall Boy Radio we love the NFL. We don’t like to miss the Wembley games – we’ve missed a couple now. Thankyou Pandemic. Thankyou Ticketmaster and your Stubhub pals. 2021 may just disappoint in that department so it could be 2022 until we get the sights sounds of our favourite game live and that does not sit well with us. So we have to make do with talking about it.

We were joined by a couple of pals for this episode. Big Tiddy Tidwell and Shiner McShine of from the Tiddy and Shiner show – Go check ’em out at their show. Oklahoma doesn’t have an NFL team (we do talk a little OSU Cowboys and OU Sooners) but these guys along with Gaz and Andy have got the NFC North covered (Bears x2, Packers and Lions) – and of course we’ve got the AFC North’s Pittsburgh Steelers. We also take a look at the Superbowl and many other things too – you know Tiddy and Shiner, they love a left turn.

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