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Bucket list

When Gaz had the idea for this podcast, we all thought it was a great idea. Fast forward 2 weeks when we came to prep for this episode and we all realised that we didn’t actually have a bucket list. Does anyone? Yes. Yes they do. Loads of people do. Just not us. We had to consider our own mortality and start to think what it is that we wanted to do with the time that we have left. Turns out there is a bit of stuff that we want to get done. We’re just three drifters with no real plan on how we’re going to get stuff done.

Strangely enough, when we started to look at the kind of things that regularly feature on a bucket list – we’d done a fair bit of cool stuff. Did I mention the Guinness World record stuff?

As always we’d love to hear from you guys as to what’s on your bucket lists…

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