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Just look what you could have won (the darts episode)

Here at the Tall Boy Radio podcast we’re big fans of the darts. Yes we may have mentioned it before but Beans and Gaz set the Guinness world record for the pairs’ darts marathon along with Gaz’s brother Sid and friend of the show, Weave. Check out the Guinness book of records 2019 page 241 – yuup, that’s us.

Our pal, Dave from Double trouble drinks joins us for this episode. Obviously, he’s a big darts fan too. We shoot the breeze about the profrssional game – what it’s been like during the pandemic with zero punters in the audience. We talk about new world champ and world number 1 Gerwyn Price and our opinions on how he chooses to celebrate. We also chat about the amateur game. Every town and city has several pubs with a darts team or two. For years, this is where the love of the sport has flourished. We’ve played in those leagues, Monday night darts and Super league (we’re not good enough to play for the County!) But with the pubs being closed, Darts has had to find a new place to flourish. Online darts has been one of the phenomenons of the pandemic. Whether that be a Nexus (Thank you @Dartwolf180) or steel-tip played live using apps. It’s been a real success story. We talk about he GDL (Graded Darts League) and a few other tournaments.

We couldn’t have Dave on without finding out a bit about what Double Trouble has in store for us in 2021… The short answer is a lot!! There’s plenty to be excited about so be sure to tune in to find out,

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