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Life hacks

This is the closest thing we’ve ever done to a useful episode. A life hack is that little piece of information that you’re missing that makes that task you need to perform that little bit easier. Credit goes to Gaz’s daughter, Amy, who did a lot of the research for him on this episode. This episode was Gaz’s idea – it was the first episode that we recorded after our Christmas break. We wanted something upbeat and informative and fairly light for our second episode of 2021. We’d gone back and forth as to whether we were going to release episodes over the festive period. We didn’t anticipate that anyone would really listen to podcasts during this period. As we expected, listening figures tailed off but nowhere near as much as we thought. Plus, any number of listens is better than zero, right?

After we figured out what a life hack was, we then had to think up some that were relevant to us. There were plenty that we shared that are generic but we also wanted to share a few that we use or that we “discovered”. As always, we’d love to hear any life hacks that you would like to share with us and if we do a follow-up episode to this one, we’ll share them on there.

Thanks to the good folks of Australia for embracing our podcast – it’s the 26th country that our podcast is now listened to in.

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