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The songs that saved your life.

Yes it’s a Morrissey lyric (The Smiths’ Rubber ring) but this episode is not about Morrissey – sorry. This episode is the first one that Andy has lead – his concept wasn’t just music – it’s music that’s linked to poignant times in your life.

We all have a song or five, that when you hear it takes you back to a time in your life and that’s what we’re talking about on this episode. It’s a surprisingly eclectic selection of songs – none of which was released in the last 10 years, because we’re old.

This was the last episode that we recorded in 2020. We took Christmas off and started recording again on Tuesday… in the intervening weeks, we did very little. The only thing that we did was to change suppliers for our Merch. We’d had some feedback that our previous site was expensive. The previous company was based in Germany which added to shipping costs. We moved our Merch to RedBubble which is much cheaper and shipping-wise is more reasonable… and on top of that offered a much more unique range. Want a TBR miniskirt? You got it. Duvet? Which size? Shower curtain? Of course.

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