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The New Year’s day special

We would like to wish all of our listeners a very Happy New Year. Thank you for taking the time to listen to us in 2020. Whether that was just 30 seconds of episode 1 or every second of all 49 episodes that we released this year. We look forward to sharing 2021 with you!

For sure 2020 has been a real piece of work… If you made it through the year unscathed, kudos to you. 2021 isn’t going to start any better. But, here at TBR we’re all about looking at the positives. We hope to bring you more upbeat content and hopefully hopefully do some of the things that we have planned.

Work has started on our secret project – which if you’ve listened to this episode is a Tall Boy Radio recipe book. Excited? You should be because not only are we sharing the recipes from the “Beans does stuff” era, all the good stuff we enjoy to cook but we’re also getting friends of the podcast to contribute as well. It is going to be awesome!!

Stay safe and enjoy New Year’s. Enjoy!

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