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The Christmas special

We all know Beans is a big fan of Christmas but a little bit of that festive magic has rubbed off on Gaz and Andy. We sit down and discuss that time of year where it becomes semi-acceptable to listen to Cliff Richard and Wham!

In this episode we share some of our festive memories from Christmas past, talk about the elephant in the room that is Christmas 2020 in the shadow of the Covid19 pandemic (We’re so sick of hearing about the Panny D). We look at the history of Christmas and just generally chat about the festive period.

There is a bit of a gaff in this episode – if you spot it and are the first to contact us we’ll send you a TBR glass as a belated Christmas present. Yes there’s probably more than one – but it has to be the glaring error that we spotted.

Thank you very much to New Zealand for joining the party and becoming the 25th country in which TBR is listened to. We now have listeners on every continent apart from Antarctica! Thank you everyone for all your support.

Here at TBR we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas – let’s not focus on the fact that for many, it’s very different to Christmases past – let’s enjoy the moment… and as we say in the episode if you’re not enjoying the festive period, give us a shout. We’re hear to listen!

Merry Christmas!

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