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Dreams can come true.. or so they say. In this episode we discuss ours with you. When we sit down to discuss an episode we don’t really discuss the episode and till the mics are hot. This episode turned out to be a very personal episode where we all shared some very personal information from when we’re tucked up and ready for boabies apart from Gaz who seems to be permanently in the centre circle of Wembley, the corner of the Rumble in the Jungle or about to tee off at Saint Andrew’s.

No one really knows the importance of dreams or if indeed they do have any importance. What we do know is that we all have them. We all share ours and discover what the theoretical meaning of ours is. Do they mean nothing? It seems not because when we look at the meaning of our dreams, it just seems that maybe just maybe that those meanings strike home more often than not.

Of course, as always, we have a follow up episode planned. We are all keeping dream journals and we’re going to analyse the information in 6 months time. Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

This week we recorded our New Year’s special where we look back over our favourite bits of 2020 and what we’re looking forward to in 2021. We have one episode left that we’re going to record in 2020 and that’s a very special episode as it’s the first one that Andy leads.

In the New Year’s episode we let you in on our secret project for 2021. Teaser trailer alert….

Take care!

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