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Covid19 took it off the front pages but it’s hiding behind the virus and ready to reclaim it’s rightful place on the front pages of the tabloids and broadsheets. It has divided a nation in more ways than one. It seems to draw an emotional reaction from everyone… and yet it’s true impact can not be understood. It may be positive, it may be negative but one thing is for sure we all have an opinion about it.

In this episode we share ours. One thing that you shouldn’t expect is a balanced debate. The 4 of us sat down and shared our opinions. We don’t all agree – there’s the prefer-not-to-stater, the pro-leave, the remainer and the remoaner. We simply share our thoughts and concerns and political musings. Are we qualified to do so? Hell no but we did it any way.

I’m sharing this post a day earlier than usual because although we don’t get a whole load of views on YouTube, quite a few people have already messaged about the episode, less than 24 hours after the video was posted. The vast majority are in agreement and telling us that they enjoyed it. We also expected to hear from those that disagree with our thoughts and those messages are just as welcome as the ones telling us they like it.

It is not an depth look at the European Union’s agricultural policies, a deep dive into immigration or am in depth look at party politics in the UK. Maybe next time we sit down and choose a topic with this level of gravitas or serious connotations, we will do one of these things. That said we did talk about these things. One of our listeners wanted to know how we could universally endorse Keir Starmer whilst ignoring his questionable record heading up the CPS. I guess the only answer to that is that we weren’t looking at his record in that position. Speaking for myself, I found his approach to Brexit refreshing, a remainer who wanted a second ballot with a remain option on the paper. I liked that. Don’t get me wrong, I actually believe that we have had a second ballot. When Boris took over and stated his opinions in his own inimitable way before calling a snap election… that was our chance to say no, that’s not what we want and further erode the Conservative Government damaged by May’s approach, or even overturn it. We didn’t. We (you not I) voted for the Conservative party and gave Boris the mandate and the majority he needed.

As always we look forward to your comments. Positive and Negative.

To finish on some good news, not only are we still in the Apple charts in Poland in the documentary category but we’re now in the UK charts too. We peaked at no. 141 and currently sit a no. 162. Let’s see what Brexit does to that position?

Take care!

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