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B.Y.O.B. Brew Your Own Beer

Beans first met our guest Ian Palmer, on an NCT course when they were both having their first children and trying to figure out how they were going to cope with the new arrivals. Ian shared a story about how he had tried out his Wife’s breast pump and it had hurt like f***. Beans thought this is an interesting dude. That’s before it turned out that Ian made his own beer. Having tried a couple of bottles, I can tell you that it is exceptional. The beer not Ian’s breast milk!

Ian created his own brewery, Bike Shed brewing in his garage and got his beers into the pubs of Stoke-On-Trent as a paid pastime… so he knows a thing or two about brewing. In this episode he talks us through the steps he took and that you can take too if you want to make your own beer. If you are a home brewer or someone who wants to take it to the next level and make a small scale brewery, this episode is for you.

The guys spitball a few ideas about how they can make their own beers before Ian and Gaz come up with the hair-brained idea of making a competition out of it all. The challenge is to make a Hoegaarden style ale that is either an exact replica or better. If you want to judge our “output” drop us a mail at the usual address and you can get involved… need any further encouragement? Ian will be entering his own efforts too!

…and yes before you ask… Beans is a genuine ordained minister.

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