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School days

The latest episode of Tall Boy Radio dropped this morning. This one is another on of Gaz’s ideas and he also took the lead on this one. Having spent the best part of the last 10 days convalescing due to Covid19, he’s plenty of time to cast a rose-tinted eye back on his formative years. This is much more of a personal episode as we reflect on our memories of the past.

We were all very fortunate that we all have fond memories of our time at school. We hope that you all did too. If you are experiencing any troubles right now, please reach out and get in touch with someone that can help. Taking that first step is the hardest – after that, you’ll have someone to help you down every step of the path.

You’ll find out which teacher we had a crush on, which was keen on throwing ‘bows and which one of us had some very strange lessons that come in handy every Christmas. We’d love to hear your experiences, good or bad, so please get in touch.

Finally, we’d like to welcome Russia to the party as it has just become the 22nd country to embrace the TBR revolution!!

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