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October 9th, 2020.

Our latest episode dropped in the early hours of this morning and we’re noticing that more and more people are downloading it as soon as it comes out – We can’t tell you just how much we appreciate that. There are certain podcasts that I always download each week to form my weekly commute listen and to be part of yours is an absolute honour so Thanks!!

This is the 2nd time that Gaz has lead an episode (and the 3rd follows very very soon) which always gives the podcast a different vibe. His idea behind this was to talk about a few of the places that we love and loathe so that once travel gets back to normal, if you’ve considered visiting any of the places that we talked about then it may just give you a nudge to visit them. Beans loves Las Vegas. Andy loves Brussels and Brugges whilst Gaz has very fond memories of his time in Australia (apart from Canberra). As much as we hope you take something away from this episode. We’d love it if you left us a message telling us the favourite places that you’ve visited.

One thing we noticed when we played it back is that Gaz talks about the Bears being 3-0. We have started recording the episodes 10 days in advance of the release date and recording one a week (as opposed to 2 every 2nd Tuesday). The Bears are now 4-1 so it’s a little out of date. Something we’ll take note for the future. If you’re listening at some point in the future – you’re probably chuckling at the fact that they finished the season 4-12! The next episode is already recorded and already out of date. We’ll tell you that we now have listeners in 19 countries, well, it’s actually now 21! In the last blog post we listed the 1st 18 – Poland, Singapore and Ukraine have joined the party!! Maybe we should keep this stuff for the blog and for twitter!?

Hope you enjoy the latest episode. Viva Las Vegas and take care!

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