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October 1st, 2020.

Normally we drop a post about the new episode on the day of release but seeing as plenty of people engage with the podcast via YouTube, we thought this week we would tie in the episode blog post with the video release date instead.

Every episode, we all make our own notes separately and don’t discuss them until we sit down to record. We want our episodes to sound like you’re listening in on a genuine conversation because that’s what they are. (Plus this method means that very little editing is involved. Which is good because we hate editing). More often not though, we get on an element and that triggers another conversation or idea and we shoot off at a tangent. This episode, we never really intended to focus on the negative side of gambling. Let’s be clear, none of us have anything against gambling. Gaz and Andy both enjoy it and Beans holidayed in Las Vegas every year BC (before children). Somehow we focussed on the problem side of gambling. That’s not a bad thing. It’s still a good episode with a good story to tell. It just isn’t the episode that we planned to make. At some point – it will most likely be in 2021 or later – we will sit down again and do a part 2 and make that a little more upbeat. Things that we wanted to include are tactics for the different games especially Roulette and Poker, a few funny stories (like the time that Gaz broke a fruit machine with his head) etcetera.

We’re super proud of every episode that we put out and this one is no exception. Gaz talks at length about his experiences as a gambler. It’s something he has a lot of experience with. There’s mention of our notorious trips to London for Beer, NFL and casinos. As always – we’d love to hear from you if you have any opinions or experience of what we talk about. So please drop us an email, voicemail, social media comment or message or comment on this blogpost.

If you are affected by anything that we talk about in this episode you might want to check out

Finally, we want to say a massive Thank you to those of you who listened to our Cheshire 4 Life episode. It is our most popular episode to date ALREADY! So Thank you. It also helped us to pick up listeners in our 16th, 17 and 18th countries. Interested where those countries are, check out the list below:

England, Scotland, Wales, USA, Ireland, Germany, India, Canada, Sweden, Chile, Finland, Netherlands, Israel, France, Greenland, Turkey, Spain and Greece.

Thanks for listening wherever you are. Take care!

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