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25th September, 2020.

Episode 35 dropped this morning (yesterday on YouTube). We had a real laugh recording this episode. Mark Weaver (aka Weave) joined us. Weave took part in every Guinness World Record attempt that we have made. We joined him in his home town of Kelsall back in 2011 for our unsuccessful attempt. We hit the target set by Guinness, but in the meantime, another attempt was approved and we fell short by a couple of hours. He was back again in 2016 for our successful attempt (check out page 241 of 2019’s Guinness book of records – yep, that’s us!!) 2020 saw us have another pop at a record. It is awaiting ratification but given that this is a new record that we had agreed with Guinness, we don’t have the worry of anyone else having beaten it. Each time we’ve raised money for charity. In 2011, we raised over £2000 for Mencap. In 2016 we raised £2000 for Cancer Research and £2000 for The British Red Cross. 2020 saw us raise over £12,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital with the help of our now legendary friend, DartWolf180.

But he wasn’t really here to talk about any of that. He talks about his group Cheshire 4 Life (C4LF for short). Before Scottish Independence and Brexit, there was Chexit – Weave talks us through his group’s “satirical” look at this concept. He’s clearly put a lot of thought into this idea – and drank a lot of beers doing it. Just like our Guinness world record attempts, when Weave does something, he does it to the Nth degree. In this case, he took his idea to the Edinburgh fringe festival and did a month-long stint in the Buff club. There’s plenty more stories. We think you’ll find this episode entertaining.

At the start of this episode, we showcase a few of the products available on this website. Grab a cold one and enjoy.

Take care!

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