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September 6th, 2020.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen to our latest episode TBR32 Kenn-spiracy theories. If you haven’t realised already, our regular guest-host is a fan of conspiracy theories. After we record each episode we always have a chat about what we want to record next – this idea was one of Kenn’s. Conspiracy theories grasp the imagination. As Kenn says, when you hear the phrase, you always thin of one, whether that’s JFK, Princess Diana or the Coronavirus? Gaz has always been fascinated with the idea that the Moon landings have been faked. He presents all the evidence to suggest that they just might have been. Andy’s choice was the Bermuda triangle. A myth, he quickly debunks. Beans picks the Roswell saucer crash and presents the fors and againsts. And Kenn? Kenn loves them all. He couldn’t just pick one so he looks at them all!

So what’s next. Episode TBR33 drops on Friday September the 11th – so there was really only one thing that we could talk about. The terrorist atrocities that took place 19 years ago in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. We prefer to stick to topics that are much lighter than this but some things you just can’t ignore. Along with the Corona Virus and BLM episode (TBR28 2020 division) this is our most serious episode to date. We also already have TBR34 recorded, in the chamber and ready to unleash but more on that, in a couple of days time. All we’ll say is that this one is Gaz’s idea and he takes the lead in this episode.

We have a number of interesting guests planned for upcoming episode including a Master Brewer, A Landlord, A food YouTuber with a massive following and a passion for curry, a stand-up comedian and many many more. We also have our first outside broadcast planned in for early May 2021 when we’ll be joining our old pal David from Double Trouble drinks at the World Cup of disability darts in Whitburn, Scotland. But maybe, just maybe, we might just squeeze in another boozy weekend first, but more about that later…

Take care!

One thought on “September 6th, 2020.

  1. Enjoyed shouting at this episode. The footprint comment… words to the effect of it must be fake as the up-draft would have messed up the print… what up-draft?? It’s on the moon (Kenn, it really is) so no air.. so no up-draft!


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